Kryzysztof Stoj – Chef

The beauty of Butlin’s is that we all love what we do – as Kryzysztof will tell you.

Kryzysztof joined us back in 2016 – when he started he was cleaning tables, but he was hungry to become a cook, so as soon as a position came up he went for it. Before long, he was making salads and starters for all the resort’s restaurants… but that wasn’t enough. Within 6 months he was cooking for the team in the Team Diner, and 6 months later he was running breakfast at our premium restaurant. He didn’t stop there: he moved to evening meals, took all kinds of courses, worked with Michelin starred chefs and he’s now 2nd chef in Guest Catering, providing delicious food for up to 3200 half board guests at peak times, as well as catering for conferences and events. He loves his work, and everyone loves his food.

Like all our passionate Chefs, Kryzysztof will be happy to tell you: if you give our guests a great time we’ll give you the opportunity of a lifetime.